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So I was skimming through the Naruto chapters…and I stumbled on this:image


And I was wondering why did Sakura breakdown so hard to Karui’s words? To the point that she collapsed to the floor?! At first I thought it was because of the news Sasuke is part of Akatsuki…but then I thought, “That…


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"Through your embrace you speak a thousand words, without ever saying one."

Growing up together..
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  • Growing up together..

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Bleach: Favourite ships and their moments.

But there are times when she isn’t ignorant to the fact that he’s still a human being under her roof. These are rare times, when they aren’t playing that stupid, condescending chess match of a game testing their (sexual) frustration. These are times she calls him Lucas and he calls her Maya and they’re usually sitting together, whether they be on the couch or at the dining table or on the kitchen counter or when he’s holding her hair back in the bathroom. These are times they open up about their lives, little by little, at the brim of dawn or at the stroke of midnight. They are times that (when she has the time to reflect upon) she likes to deem him as more than a roommate or a classmate or an acquaintance. He is a friend.
She doesn’t tell Riley about those drunk nights and adventures at four A.M. and that stupid, humorous confrontation involving sexual orientation, and that one time she and Lucas argued whether or not oral even counted—she knows better. It will only lead to trouble.

snippet of chapter 3 of hearts like supernovas, a Lucas/Maya fan fiction  —


So, apparently when Sai says “Naruto loves you, Sakura” it’s 100% true that Naruto is in love with Sakura, even though he himself has never confirmed it.

BUT, when Sai, Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura herself all say that she loves Sasuke, it’s  either not true, or  she loves him “like a friend” or it’s still just a “fan girl crush”.

Please, tell again who’s delusional?


it’s been years and i still don’t understand what matt from death note was wearing

like i know what he was wearing

but why


hope this isn’t too late
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hope this isn’t too late