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“How do I know that you won’t sexually assault me three minutes after I let you walk through this door?” She is only eighty-three percent serious. “Tell me that, Cowboy.”

“Is my accent that strong?”

“No,” she answers, looking bored and leaning against the frame of her door. “I can see the cowboy hat sticking out of your bag.”

Not only does she have the ability to make him ridiculously nervous, but she also has the power to make him feel dumb. Well, fuck. And then she kind of does this thing with her leg, like she’s stretching it out behind her and this is the part where he notices that they’re miles long and completely bare under this over-sized sweater she happens to be wearing.

“The fact that you haven’t answered my question and how you’re currently ogling my legs isn’t doing you justice,” she snidely comments, a hint of a smirk trying to pry its way to her lips. “Might have to sleep on the street tonight.”

He feels the heat burning on the tip of his ears now—because goddammit, now she’s getting him flustered; what can’t she do? He really fucking hopes she doesn’t notice the way he stutters since he’s making it an internal rule to never give this girl (this stranger—or hopefully soon to be roommate; only because he needed a place now) the benefit of the doubt. “Look, Blondie—”

snippet of hearts like supernovas, a Lucas/Maya college!AU —



the best ships are the ones who aren’t originally written to be together

they develop on their own, they get their stories beyond each other, it’s never about them-as-couple as it is about them-as-people

and then the story itself evolves until these characters make so much sense


I’ll destroy you.

I’ll destroy you.

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appa munchin 


appa munchin 



Avatar the Last Airbender ~ Zuko’s Hair Evolution

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A year later, she stops painting, drawing, sketching and all forms of art altogether.

She kisses boys that don’t matter and drinks beverages that make her whoozy. She finds pleasure in numbing herself with distractions. It’s something she and her mother have in common.

(she is Maya Hart and she’s become good at breaking hearts, including her own)

She has knobby knees and thick hair and eyes like the ocean. And she knows that all she is lies with being pretty and broken and everything in between.

snippet of adolescence (and other lost things), a coming-of-age Maya/Lucas fan fiction